Megan Manning, Chef and Owner of the Little Lakewood Pasta Company learned the art of making pasta at ICASI in Chesterland, OH, where she felt an immediate connection with pasta making as though it was what she was born to do.   After working in various restaurants in Cleveland, one day she decided to follow her dreams and thus created the Little Lakewood Pasta Company which started out of her home, and sold her first bag of pasta at the Lakewood Farmers Market.  Starting at one farmers market a week to two and then eventually 5 a week, she needed a bigger kitchen, and thus opened a  brick and Mortar in  Lakewood OH.

We here at the Little Lakewood Pasta Company believe that pasta should be fun, healthy and above all delicious.  This is why we use all fresh ingredients from the local flours we source to the ingredients we put in our pastas from local farms.  Also, we don't add any preservatives or additives in our products because after all, this is fresh pasta! Really! Even, our "dried" pasta cooks up in just a few minutes and you get that true fresh, al dente bite!  


We pride ourselves in having a solid offering of vegan options, and offering our customers a solid variety of delicious flavors each week.  We hope you enjoy our pasta!



 Eat, Live & LOVE Pasta!


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